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October 12th 2007

Up until now, new users had no way to add new aircraft and registration numbers to the database which made the webpage kind of unusable. Now you can add your new aircraft and registration numbers.

Sep 20th 2007

Aug 24th 2007

PDF Export is live now. You can download a PDF report of your logbook data.


Fixed a permission problem where certain users couldn't view reports. Added a list of airports to do lookups of latitude and longitude for calculating night time. Added a sunrise and sunset calculator which will be used in conjunction with the airport database to calculate night time based on in and out times for a flight.

Aug 16th 2007

Enabled SSL for secure login and encrypted browsing in certain member areas such as changing password and personal information.

June 26th 2007

More progress on PDF export feature. Page breaks, started work on flight summary data for each page.

Jan 25th 2007

Switched self registration on...

Aug 8th 2006

Started working on PDF export for paper print out. Rearranged the menus slightly. Self Registration for user accounts is working now but I'm not fully tested so I'll hold off making it public for now.

June 6th 2006

Fixed catchup logic. If you had flight entries to the middle of a month or year, it wouldn't display a summary for that month or year. Now the summary for a month or year is shown in the report section even if that month or year isn't finished. Changed report by classification to sort by time classification.

Apr 15th 2006

Added new reports. Flight time can be catagorized and view graphically by make and model, registration, history, and classification. It only showed total time before, now you can can get a breakdown of multi, turbine, ect.

Feb 8th 2006

Added export to excel .xls feature for backup. It won't email you a backup excel file automatically yet, but that should come soon. For now you can just download it. Changed orientation of graphical reporting from portrait to landscape. With portrait orientation, if you have a lot of hours entered it would be wider than the page. The new format looks like this:


Jan 18th 2005

Added capability to import CSV file into database. TT is calculated from timeout to timein (block time) if provided. Added "contact us" feature so people can send feedback. Server has been upgraded and generate graphical report feature is working again. Cleaned up flight backup table report. Added capability to edit and delete flights.

Dec 13th 2005

Added first attempt on graphical reporting capability. Currently it doesn't summarize the data for the current month or year until the next one. That's something I have to fix. Here's a screenshot of the graphical report generated for monthly flight activity:


Dec 11th 2005

First version of web based logbook online. Supports user accounts and basic logbook data entry. Has basic reporting enabled showing TT by breakdown of aircraft registration. It will probally be a few weeks but I am planning on adding lots of graphical reporting and statistics.

When entering a flight, if you enter in and out times instead of duration of flight it will calculate duration of flight and fill in the PIC or SIC fields for you.

For now, there is no capability to enter parameters about the aircraft for each flight such as if it is multi or single, turbine or tailwheel. The plan is to do a lookup of aircraft type based on the aircraft number and calculate the classification for you. There are some sample classifications on the Aircraft Types main menu. The tailnumbers will be linked to the aircraft types so you don't have to enter information about the aircraft for each flight, just the tailnumber.

I'm planning on adding some functionality to calculate the night or day time based on the times entered.

Also in the future self registration is in order once the bugs are worked out.